Business Intelligence and Analytics

Organizations today are going through many overwhelming changes owing to the amount and speed of producing data which has been increasing exponentially for years. To add to this massive growth in data, companies are redefining/realigning their business models and have greater reliance on data and analytics to keep themselves competitive.

With this reality, a key challenge is emerging i.e. the efficient and, at the same time, innovative use of data. This is only possible when capabilities of both analytics and data management are leveraged.

How can Business Analytics add value

  • Quick and Efficient decision making: In such a consumer-centric market and constantly changing trends, management needs to quickly change along with the market conditions
  • Reach sales and market goals: Target consumer data is mainly formatted, manipulated and processed to provide predictive insights of consumer buying patterns in the market. With this vital information, enterprises could easily reach business targets.
  • Knowledge of Customers: With Business Analytics, one can consider a strict alignment of various factors and available techniques to enable organization to understand and quickly identify their profitable customers, segments and markets.
  • Advantages of Business Analytics:Considering the enterprise wide impact of business analytics, we could see a huge list of benefits derived from it.
    • Faster decision making
    • Issuing information to a larger audience
    • Responding to market demand quickly
    • Amplified perception on cost efficiency
    • Better alignment with the plan

We help organizations continuously measure, plan and execute using reporting and analytical tools. Intellicore provides an industry rich exposure of making sure we bridge the gap between the ‘what’ and ‘how’ your organization can gain return from your BI and Analytics investments. We can help you integrate your enterprise wide data from multiple on-premise or cloud source or having structured and unstructured content, to maximize return and overall profitability.

Some of the reporting requirements that we have delivered for our clients’ span

  • Accounting and financial insights
  • Departmental analysis and a view into the effectiveness of an organization's operations
  • Variance reporting across the enterprise
  • Identify profitable customers, products, segments, channels and take appropriate business decisions.
Reach out to us for understanding how you make your business analytics driven modern enterprise with minimal effort and competitive advantage.

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