Performance Management

Performance Management

Cost and Profitability Management 

Allocations are a Dirty Job!

Reporting needs don’t match well with financial data

  • Data is required from many disparate systems
  • Waterfall of allocations required
  • 100’s of sequenced allocation rules and very little time allowed to complete
  • And…!! Everyone !! Challenges the Results.
With Intellicore powered Profitability and Cost engines
  • Business users can drive costing and profitability/loss by customer, product, service, channel and more
  • Maximize profit and/or minimize costs by modeling scenarios quickly to see the financial and operational impact
  • Make better decisions faster with current, secure, detailed data and transparent allocations
  • Easily allocate shared service costs and calculate transfer pricing with transparency so it is done accurately and fairly
  • Easy scenario playing for business users to model changing business conditions and option
  • Built in data integration to from any system with drill-back to the source data

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